Leather Corner Sofas

Leather Corner Sofas – The leather industry, since its establishment, has introduced variety of styles and designs in the world of furniture and corner sofas are one such creation by them. Corner sofas These sofas are not like any ordinary sofa, but these are quite unique and different in their design. These are actually meant […]


Taking a Chance On A Leather Couch From Mebel

Before Leather sofa – I originally thought two chairs would be perfect and even bought a couple. But when I brought them home and lived with them in our space for a few days, I realized they just weren’t working and I didn’t want to settle. Bringing those chairs home taught me that I wanted more […]


Five reasons to choose a leather sofa

Leather sofa – When purchasing a new sofa, one of the biggest decisions is whether to go for leather or fabric upholstery. At Mebel we’re delighted that you’re reading this blog, because it means you already find our products interesting and attractive and are seriously considering a purchase. That’s why it’s important that we make […]