About Us

Designer Furniture for New Zealand’s homes

Mebel was opened in 2005 by Branko Angjelevski. An experienced interior and furniture designer, Branko wanted to bring a touch of contemporary European style to New Zealand. Mebel offers modern, beautiful designer furniture from two main design companies, Limitless and Hülsta, both giants of the furniture design world.

Hülsta is a German company who have be designing strong, long-lasting furniture for over 70 years. Still a family run business, Hülsta are renowned the world over for their high quality, beautifully designed furniture. In typical German fashion, Hülsta furniture is built to last, with each piece put through strenuous testing before being sent throughout the world. Hülsta believe that many things come and go, but high quality craftsmanship will always remain. In 1994 Hülsta launched their now! range, a cash-and-carry version of their designer furniture, created to be simple, effective and easy to put together. Aimed at a younger audience, the now! range has a more contemporary style, and is fast becoming the young professionals designer furniture of choice.

Limitless are the fastest growing designer furniture manufacturer in the world with showrooms in London, Paris, Johannesburg and Toronto. Founded in the 1980′s, Limitless originally provided high end designer furniture for wealthy consumers in the Netherlands. Specialising in contemporary, stylish design, the brand has attracted la crème of European designers, with the rest of the world soon following suit. Although Limitless make it their policy to maintain a low-key marketing strategy, through word of mouth alone they have become one of the most sought after names in designer furniture.

The blend of these two authorities on designer furniture make Mebel New Zealand’s leading European designer furniture supplier. We’re committed to bringing the latest styles, fashions and materials from the studios and factories of Europe, straight to your door.

“Everyone is creative, we are there to provide both product and service, to help you design a home unlike any other.”  – Branko Angjelevski